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Elephant Trekking & Camps

Elephant camps are currently a controversial subject due to the treatment, or lack of, of elephants in some of the camps in Thailand. But there is no hiding from the fact that elephants and the camps are one of Thailand’s top tourist attractions. Our advice would be to read up on each camp before you arrive and check other visitors reviews, before making your choice.

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There are currently 6 elephant camps on ‘Elephant Island’, these camps provide the chance to join them for a swim, feed them and, of course, take a ride on the elephants. The most popular and apparently humane elephant camp is Ban Kwan Chang, supported by the Asian Elephant Foundation, the camp is located in Klong Son which is away from the resorts, but in our opinion worth making the journey. Here you will witness the elephants in their natural quiet environment, surrounded by jungle and fruit farms.
If you want to see young elephants having fun, then the calves from Meechai Elephant Camp in Kai Bae can often be seen on the beach or playing in the sea near KB Hut & KB Resort.